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We are Oxford’s answer to the question, “What should I do?”. Training tomorrow’s CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Inventors and independent thinkers – the future is so much brighter than you think.

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We are Oxford Entrepreneurs.We celebrate every kind of business:

From the small...

Open your dream restaurant on Main Street.
Become an independent consultant. Write and publish a book. Monetize your online blog.

...To the big...

Make an amazing product that people love. Solve a pressing problem. Leverage a new technology, or exploit it in new ways. Invent something. Become the next Angry Birds, Tinder or Beme.

...To the huge.

Disrupt and capture a global market.  Leave your mark on society.  Go to war inside corporate boardrooms and make millions.  Become the next technology giant.

You can do it.You're already smart enough.


51 Per Day

New Young Founders

51 people under age 25 start their first business in the UK every day.  That’s one every half hour.1


Bachelor's degree only

53% of founders have only a Bachelor’s degree.
83% have nothing beyond a Master’s.2


Any subject is fine.

69% of founders do not study Business, Accounting, Finance or Economics.2

Everybody starts somewhere.  We’re looking for people who want the most out of life.  People who won’t settle.  People who will take their future into their own hands, and gladly shoulder its responsibility.

If you’re drawn to it, you’ll know.  It’s the allure of a life lived on your terms, doing what you love, and making a statement to the world that just has huge potential upside.


1Companies House, UK; and Kauffman Firm Survey.
2Education and Tech Entrepreneurship, May ’08, Kauffman Foundation

We can help.We'll give you everything we can.

Oxford Entrepreneurs has three teams working to help you:

  1. Inspiration: Outreach to the University and local community, proselytizing entrepreneurship and showing people what’s possible.  We host events with incredible speakers, including some of our alumni.  Our social events spread the buzz around campus. Practical Events like our Hackathon give you a taste of that startup feeling.
  2. Education:  Regular series on general and specific aspects of entrepreneurship, in the forms of workshops, masterminds, and lecture series.  Free to attend, and taught by very qualified speakers in a personal environment at the Saïd Business School.
  3. Support: Direct mentoring of student founders by experienced entrepreneurs.   A social group specifically for active entrepreneurs, whom you can befriend and ask for advice if you need it.

Our AlumniA few examples from our Wall of Fame

In our 13 year history we’ve helped many successful companies get started – and supported an ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Oxford that has created even more.

Our collected success stories are on the Wall of Fame.  Could you be next?

We love our members

Seriously, you guys are great.  We know there’s a lot of you, but we do our absolute best to serve you every year.

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